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YASKAWA SS7 SERIES PT. Pinanggih Tekhnikatama Indonesia Terlengkap

In 1997, Yaskawa released the SS5 Series which featured the world's first PM motors with permanent magnets built directly into the motors. The overwhelmingly high efficiency of these motors made machine downsizing and saving energy possible. Over the years, the need to reduce CO2 emissions has continued to increase, and in response, Yaskawa Motor Corporation has undertaken a new challenge to develop original technologies that will help protect the future of our planet. In response to the introduction of high efficiency standards for industrial motors in 2015 to help reduce CO2 emissions, Yaskawa motor corporations has released the SS7 Series, which improves on the efficient and compact SS5 series.

The SS7 Series of Eco PM motors promises to meet all your needs in a wide range of applications.

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