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YASKAWA G7 PT. Pinanggih Tekhnikatama Indonesia Terlengkap

The G7 Drive: This amazing AC drive is the ultimate performance solution with increased speed and torque response to provide servo-like performance from an induction motor. In addition, the G7 drive has the
world’s first 480V 3-level inverter architecture that eliminates or minimizes the installation problems associated with IGBT switching and protects the entire motor-drive system. G7 drive performance makes it the ideal drive for high performance speed, torque, or position control applications. Several control modes
are provided. In open loop vector mode, the latest flux observer algorithms extend speed range and provide maximum starting torque. In closed loop vector mode, 0.01% speed regulation and 1000:1 control range can be achieved. Zero-servo capability provides position control at zero speed.

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